Friday, 4 March 2016


Science tells us there are codes within discoveries and in many functions of things.Did you know that God also has codes? How you might ask? Sealed or hidden blessings.There is something about an elected Jew and knowing the order of God.These are not fables,there are Jews on the earth today whose wealth is worth trillions of US dollars.The same covenant given to Abraham was given to both the Jews and the non-Jews,the gentiles.Why then do the Jews continue to be way ahead in blessings.Find out in the audio book.I'm not a money teacher,i just know that both Adam and King Solomon were at least multi trillionaires valued in US currency.I'm a balanced man.Adam was put in Eden when there was already lots of gold  in Eden "and the gold is good" says Genesis Chapter 2.There are Spiritual blessings and there are natural,physical blessings.The codes are in four parts or keys.The first key is called TIMES AND SEASONS.Find out about the other three keys in the audio book.Price:US$15 Duration 54 minutes.You will need bitcoins to buy this audio book.
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Raymond Mafukidze:Author